Recovery of residual materials

IMPORTANT CURRENT ISSUE: management of residual materials

The RICQ, together with Mr. Jean-François Doyon, consulting engineer of BIOMESC, is currently working on a project to revalorize residual materials. This is a very big concern for the industry in the years to come.

The Regroupement des Industries des Composites du Québec has initiated a residual materials recovery project, a first phase of deployment of the thermal recovery of residual materials has been carried out. The RICQ began this project with a study to assess the potential and feasibility of thermal recovery of industrial residual materials. A series of residual materials characterization audits were then carried out and this exercise thus made it possible to highlight the potential for the recovery of non-hazardous materials currently destined for landfill. Some materials have a good calorific value and meet the selection and acceptance constraints prescribed by the recipient of these materials, namely the Ciment Québec cement plant.

This valuation could mean modest savings, but representing a more sustainable management method. However, these savings may vary depending on the volume of waste accepted and the distance to be covered to be transported to cement works. The adoption of alternative methods to landfilling residual materials represents an objective that makes it possible to reduce the environmental footprint of the composites industry.

Recent tests show that the logistics are possible, but that certain challenges associated with the accumulated mass can be encountered. In these circumstances, it becomes imperative that optimization efforts be put forward both in the identification of materials, their segregation and their method of picking and shipping. We are currently working to develop the entire process of this project, including the collection of residual materials in the company, the crushing of waste in order to increase the storage capacity, up to transportation to cement plants.

We very much hope to offer this collection service exclusively to our members in the near future.