Published on : 01 June 2023



RICQ is hiring! Business development representative position

RICQ in collaboration with CDCQ is looking for a Business Development Representative The Regroupement des Industries des Composites du Québec (RICQ) has the mandate to represent the interests of member companies in the aspects of health and safety and environmental management. The RICQ promotes and supports the progress of the performance of companies in this industrial sector in these two spheres of activity. RICQ has over 60 active members. Its notoriety acquired over the years has enabled it to increase its members so that the group is today a reflection of the Quebec composite materials industry. As part of its strategic plan, the RICQ wants to develop activities linked to the recovery of residual materials among its members, from production offcuts to parts at the end of their useful life. The incumbent will also work with the Centre de développement des composites du Québec (CDCQ), a RICQ partner, which is developing the platform for identifying deposits (nature, quantity, location) and the needs of recipient communities. The ultimate aim of this position is to promote the recycling of composite materials by facilitating exchanges and optimizing transport to the takers or the materials processing center. See job description below, thank you


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